About Us

We are a dedicated Australian company offering quality products and customer service backed by over 30 years of research and experience. Based in Sydney, with sales offices in other cities, our extensive product portfolio includes a diverse range of LED lighting, exterior & interior luminaires. We are committed to servicing our market by providing an affordable range whilst upholding the highest of quality in each product we sell.


Each product that we introduce to our range must pass extensive technical tests to meet stringent requirements and perform to the highest level possible for reliability and longevity.

MODULE | sidebar - rightInstructions: Please add text or images inside table. The right cells will be 30% width on medium to large screens. You can also add a module inside another module but only up to 1 layer deep. Images will be full width of frame. On smaller screens 2 columns will become 1 with the right cell on each row stacking below the left. Add as many rows as necessary.